Tape: Steve Wynn Live at Mercury Lounge on 1998-04-17

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DateApr 17, 1998+
LMA stevewynn1998-04-17.flac16
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Steve Wynn - Guitar/Vocals
Kirk Swan - Leadguitar/Vocals
Kurt Statham - Bassguitar/Vocals
Linda Pitman - Drums/Vocals

(From the Steve Wynn Archive)
1Blood From A Stone[+]
2Stare It Down[+]
3Silver Lining[+]
4This Deadly Game[+]
5Nothing But The Shell[+]
6James River Incident[+]
7How's My Little Girl[+]
8Layer By Layer[+]
9Sweetness And Light[+]
10That's What You Always Say[+]
12Melting In The Dark[+]
14The Red Rose And The Briar
15You So&So
16A Fan Speaks
17Famous Man
18The People's Drug
19Miss Fortune
20Still Photo[+]
21Song I Wrote Myself In The Future
22New York City (Marc Bolan)
23Here Comes The Groom
24Things Snowball
25Sweat Tears Blood and Come
26Cream (Prince)
27Window Seat[+]
28It's All My Fault
30Scared Of Guns[+]
31Wooden Overcoat
32Your Ghost (Don't Scare Me No More)[+]
33Carolyn /w. Steve Wynn
34The Devil In Me[+]

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