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Tape: Steve Wynn Live at MTC on 1996-08-17

File UnderSteve Wynn
DateAug 17, 1996+
LMA stevewynn1996-08-17.flac16
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The band:
STEVE WYNN--guitar, vocals
RICH GILBERT--guitar, vocals

From "Steve Wynn Diary":
Welcome from the jet-set. after a thrilling late-night set at Koln's MTC (great club, check it out), we got up at 7:30am for our flight to Rome and then Sicily. bleary eyes, enhanced by coffee have given way to giggles. it's 10am and suddenly Armistead and Linda find that the Mike Flowers Pop version of "Light My Fire" is the funniest thing they've ever seen. Must be something to do with ARmistead's emergency 24-hour jaunt to Holland the other day. I don't know. Rich is simply perplexed and I, of course, remain glued to this silly machine.
The popkomm show was quite a bit of fun, much looser than anyone would expect from an industry schmoozathon. I asked how many conventioneers were in the audience and was met with zero raised hands which means that the music industry was elsewhere and the regular wild misfits were in the house. and so, it was a complete party, our best set to date (sez me and a few other regulars). Oh, we did "Grace" "Carry a Torch" "Anthem" and a few other "non-regulars". It's nice to dip into the past as I've played the new album to death and, as much as I still am proud of the record, I"m getting a little restless. Maybe it's time to make a new one. What do you think?
2Tell Me When It's Over[+]
3The Way You Punish Me[+]
4What We Call Love[+]
6Silence Is Your Only Friend[+]
7Stare It Down[+]
8Shelley's Blues, pt. 2[+]
9That's What You Always Say[+]
13The Days Of Wine And Roses[+]
14Carry A Torch[+]
15Melting In The Dark[+]
16This Strange Effect[+]
17The Medicine Show[+]

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