Tape: Steve Wynn Live at KXLU-FM on 1987-03-26

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DateMar 26, 1987+1 alternative recordings
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Bob Forrest (Thelonious Monster) & Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate)

Track 01: Impromptu Bob/Steve tune.

Bob and Steve hang out for about an hour and talk, strum and sing. Show is mostly
centered around Bob. Most of the songs are coverversions (Track 06: Grateful Dead, tracks 07-09: Bob Dylan, track 11. The Beatles, track 12: Gun Club, track 14: Bee Gees, track 15: ereplacements, track 16: Led Zeppelin).

"That's the difference between me and a professional musician. I can do like about 30 seconds of good stuff."
--Bob Forrest

"Adios kids, and don't buy our records, and don't come see us play, cuz we suck, and go out and buy your mom a garbage disposal or something instead. Save up your money, don't buy new wave records. Can't impress upon you enough that new wave music means nothing. Bye."
--Bob Forrest, signing off
1Talkin' Huntington Beach Blues[+]
2Drinking Problem[+]
3Oh (No Sense At All)[+]
5Couple Of Kids[+]
6Touch Of Grey[+]
7One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below)[+]
9I Shall Be Released[+]
11You've Got To Hide Your Love Away[+]
12Preaching The Blues[+]
13Union Street[+]
14How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?[+]
15Answering Machine[+]
16The Rain Song[+]

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