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Tape: Steve Wynn Live at Rytmeposten on 1999-04-09

File UnderSteve Wynn
DateApr 09, 1999+
LMA stevewynn1999-04-09.flac16
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The Band
STEVE WYNN--guitar, vocals
CHRIS BROCAW--guitar, banjo, drums, vocals
DAVE DECASTRO--bass, vocals
STEVE ESPINOLA--keyboards, vocals
LINDA PITMON--drums, vocals

World Tour
Mar 25, 1999 USA/Boston, Ma/ TT The Bear's
Mar 26, 1999 USA/New York City/ Mercury Lounge
Mar 27, 1999 USA/Washington DC/ Iota
Mar 28, 1999 USA/Philadelphia, Pa/ Khyber Pass
Mar 31, 1999 Spain/Vigo/ La Iguana
Apr 01, 1999 Spain/Gijon/ Gijon Festival
Apr 02, 1999 Spain/Jerez/ Esparrago Festival
Apr 03, 1999 Greece/Athens/ Rodon
Apr 04, 1999 Greece/Crete/
Apr 05, 1999 Greece/Thessaloniki/ Mylos
Apr 07, 1999 Netherlands/Amsterdam/ VPRO Radio Show
Apr 08, 1999 Denmark/Copenhagen/ Pumpehuset
Apr 09, 1999 Denmark/Odense/ Rytmeposten
Apr 10, 1999 Sweden/Malmö/ KB
Apr 11, 1999 Sweden/Gothenburg/ Pusterviksbaren
Apr 14, 1999 Norway/Halden/ Studentfest
Apr 15, 1999 Norway/Oslo/ John D
Apr 16, 1999 Norway/Stavanger/ Foloken
Apr 17, 1999 Norway/Bergen/ Garage
Apr 18, 1999 Norway/Trondheim/ Vieta
Apr 19, 1999 Norway/Lillehammer/
Apr 20, 1999 Sweden/Borlange/ Bolanche
Apr 21, 1999 Sweden/Boras/ Kashmir
Apr 22, 1999 Denmark/Aarhus/ Musikcafeen
Apr 23, 1999 Denmark/Aalborg/ Studenterhuset
Apr 24, 1999 Germany/Kiel/ Raucherie
Apr 25, 1999 Netherlands/Amsterdam/ Paradiso
Apr 26, 1999 Belgium/Brussels/ Radio 21
Apr 27, 1999 Belgium/Brussels/ AB
Apr 28, 1999 Belgium/Brussels/ AB
Apr 29, 1999 Netherlands/Heythuisen/ Tom Tom Club
Apr 30, 1999 UK/London/ Borderline
May 01, 1999 UK/Wolverton/ The Varsity
May 04, 1999 Spain/Barcelona/ Side Car
May 05, 1999 Spain/Madrid/ El Sol
May 06, 1999 Spain/Valencia/ Blacknote
May 07, 1999 Spain/Bergara/ Jam
May 08, 1999 Spain/Canary Island/
May 09, 1999 Spain/Palma de Mallorca/ Sonotone
May 11, 1999 Italy/Turin/ Barumba
May 13, 1999 Italy/Rome/ Big Mama
May 14, 1999 Italy/Rimini/ Velvet
May 15, 1999 Italy/Milan/ Binario-Zero
May 16, 1999 Germany/Regensburg/ Alte Mälzerei
May 17, 1999 Germany/Nurmburg/ K4
May 18, 1999 Germany/Stuttgart/ Universum
May 19, 1999 Germany/Dresden/ Star Club
May 20, 1999 Germany/Berlin/ Knaak
May 21, 1999 Germany/Bielefeld/ Kamp
May 22, 1999 Germany/Dortmund/ FZW
May 23, 1999 Germany/Hameln/ Sumpfblume
May 24, 1999 Germany/Hamburg/ Marx Club
May 25, 1999 Germany/Köln/ MTC
May 26, 1999 Germany/Frankfurt/ Sinkasten
May 27, 1999 Belgium/Tongeren/ Velinx
May 29, 1999 Netherlands/Rotterdam/ Rotown
May 30, 1999 Netherlands/Sapemeer/ 'T Pierement

From Steve Wynn's diary:
THE ROAD TO MALMO--The Rytmeposten in Odense, Denmark is one of those clubs (like many in Europe) where my appearance reach into double figures, making me the most frequent guest outside of local performers. Such frequent visits give me the comfort and ease to deal with such things as sudden amplifier deaths which is exactly what happened to Chris last night. The result? impromptu versions of "Motorcycle Boy" and "That's Why I Wear Black," two songs we hadn't played before, along with very outside renditions of "The Sun Rises In the West" and "Melting in the Dark." I've always found that audiences are very forgiving with technical difficulties, particularly when the band doesn't freak out and chooses instead to use the obstacles as a chance to travel down some untested roads. Chris eased some of the frustrations with a very fruitful shopping spree at local record show Moby Disc (which took it's name and logo from a Los Angeles store where I worked when I was 20 years old--strange coincidence).
Many other highlights: a chance to see and hang out with our hero, our website director Thomas Mejer Hansen and the wonderful Dorte both of whom had taken the train in from Arhus. Also two fine snippets of fan interaction: Fan to Chris: "Are you from America?" Chris: "Yes." Fan: "Do you know Jimmy Buffett?" and then there was the other guy who walked up to me and said "What happened to that girl that was playing drums with you last year," apparently referring to the same Linda Pitmon who had just finished pounding the skins for the previous two hours. I, of course, feigned ignorance and after the guy insisted that I MUST know who he was talking about replied "It's hard to say; I play with so many people." I really couldn't make this stuff up.
And now with equipment mended and songs actually added to the repetoire we are on our way to Sweden, yet one more country where Dave and Little Steve (as we call Mr Espinola) have never been before. Me? I'm just checking out this brand new, very long and very convenient bridge that has made the travel from Odense to Copenhagen a whole lot easier. (APRIL 10)
2Silver Lining[+]
3Nothing But The Shell[+]
4My Favorite Game[+]
5Stare It Down[+]
6Cats And Dogs[+]
7This Deadly Game[+]
8Layer By Layer[+]
9Motorcycle Boy[+]
11My Midnight[+]
12That's What You Always Say[+]
13That's Why I Wear Black[+]
15The Medicine Show[+]
16For All I Care[+]
17The Sun Rises In The West[+]
18The Mask Of Shame[+]
21Follow Me[+]
22My Old Haunts[+]
23Melting In The Dark[+]

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