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Syndicated Dreams - Volume 15
Born To Run - The WFMU recordings......

Release date: October 25th 2004
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sd14 coverart sd14 coverart

  • Cover by Fritz Weidner

    Liner Notes :

    Syndicated Dreams - volume 15:
    Born To Run - The WFMU recordings......

    Here's a 3 disc set of Steve Wynn and band (although sometimes minus the Lovely Linda) playing on perhaps the best known college radio station in America - WFMU in New Jersey in July of 2001 and 2003. Are these the most brilliant recordings of the Miracle 3 floating around? no, but they are some of the most playful and spontaneous you're likely to encounter.

    Outside the watchful eye of a live audience - Steve and the band are having fun (performing live on the radio) - bantering with radio host Joe Belock, trading jokes, telling some insightful stories about the making of Steve's albums and rocking out inbetween chats.

    I'll save my usual insightful track by track essay for the next edition of Syndicated Dreams and for now - as we come upon this election - let me say - "don't forget to vote" and put some WFMU on the stereo - it will make you feel alright.

    Pat Thomas
    Oakland, CA
    October 2004

    The Tracks

    Syndicated Dreams vol 15
    Born to run - The WFMU-Shows 2001 + 2003
    Release date: October 25th 2004
    July 19, 2001 with the full Miracle 3 backing him 7-31-03 Steve Wynn - Guitar, Vocals; Jason Victor - Guitar, Vocals; Dave DeCastro - Bass, Vocals
    1.'Intro by Joe Belock' 0:19
    2.Here Come the Miracles 2:55
    3.Southern California Line 4:43
    4.Out of This World 4:52
    5.Death Valley Rain 5:19
    6.'Band Intros' 7:14
    7.Just Like Honey 4:07
    8.Sustain 5:03
    9.My Favorite Game 4:02
    10.'Talking About The Box Tops' 2:45
    11.Halloween 5:52
    12.'Rhino Records' 4:23
    13.Drought 3:11
    14.Melting in the Dark 5:03
    15.'More feel good then A.I.' 1:53
    16.There Will Come a Day 4:27
    17.'Outro' 2:10
    1.Amphetamine 7:35
    2.The Ambassador of Soul 3:54
    3.The Side I'll Never Show 4:19
    4.Interview 1 8:06
    5.California Style 3:41
    6.Hollywood 3:52
    7.Southern California Line 4:07
    8.Interview 2 8:55
    9.Definitely Clean 3:55
    10.Tower of Song 2:54
    1.Interview 3 7:17
    2.Born To Run 1:50
    3.Nothing But The Shell 3:01
    4.Maybe Tomorrow 5:43
    5.Shades of Blue 4:16
    6.Interview 4 5:19
    7.When You Smile 3:54
    8.What Comes After 4:56
    9.Outro 5:52
    Original DAT-recording made by Joe Belock, CDR supplied by Bruce Grossman

    Please note Mr. Steve Wynn has very kindly given his permission to publish the Syndicated Dreams series in the mp3-format
  • © All rights for music and text on these pages belongs to Steve Wynn