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Syndicated Dreams - Volume 5 Gutterball, Rytmeposten, Oct 15, 1993

Released in November 1999

  • Cover by Didier Georgieff (dgieff@sdv.fr)

    Liner Notes :

    If memory serves me well, I saw the two shows leading up this one. I was traveling with Gutterball for a few days thru Denmark. I met up with them in Aalborg, then I rode to Arhus. Arhus sticks in my mind for 3 reasons. First is because they played a rocking 3 hour show, that was totally amazing - where time seemed to pass with ease. I was never bored and thought they had played for only 90 mins, but it was really twice that long. Secondly, I got totally baked on hash that night with Armistead. He got it from a guy who worked at the Huset who looked like Duane Allman. We could not stop talking about it. Duane Allmans twin is living in Arhus. There was also a story that Bryan told me that night about a former bandmate who had a compulsive sexual problem, but I will leave that story for another time. Put a few drinks in me and I will be glad to repeat it......
    OK, enough about that night, lets focus on the night captured on this 2 CD-R set. The first two songs feature some great singing by Steve. I love the minimal and stripped down sound (are there really 3 guitarists on stage?), and Johnnys sparse drumming is perfect for the material, it really leaves room for it to shine. The third song Walk On is an old Neil Young classic. The song is about Neils days in the Buffalo Springfield. Check out the lyrics and you will see what I mean.
    Lester Young features another excellent vocal by Steve, especially the acappella beginning, followed by the band crashing in around him. Songs 7 & 8 both feature some wicked and wacked out guitar work. Thats what I love about Gutterball is the guitars. The first time I heard the Gutterball album, I thought that it was the first post-Dream Syndicate album that Steve had done that really captures the spirit if not the sound of the Days Of Wine And Roses. Lyrically Gutterball is also very inspired, I love the the lyrics on Patent Leather Shoes.
    Disc two begins with Steven McCarthy begrudgingly singing a Long Ryders classic. I wish he would do more of their material. And then he is joined by the House Of Freaks (Bryan and Johnny) for one of their own songs. This is followed by more House music, before leading into a Boston - a Syndicate classic. Turn Down The Heat also gets a wild reading, before we lead into a series of Gutterball classics: When You Make Up Your Mind, One By One, and one of their best all out rockers: Falling From The Sky The last 4 songs make up the encore section of the show, starting with a drum solo and rare vocal from Johnny on the song Right. A cool tribal rap version of See That My Grave Is Kept Clean, followed by the only turkey song of the set: Carolyn, (sorry Steve) and another classic Syndicate tune - Days Of Wine And Roses. Which seems more than appropriate to me. As I mentioned before, if Gutterball has any musical grandfather, it really seems to be the early Syndicate. Gutterball recalls the relaxed, off the cuff, anything goes feel of the Karl and Kendra era. Also I think that the Gutterball album kicked off a series of great albums for Steve - as Fluorescent was another classic in my book. A very subtle and understated record, that was actually very intense and powerful. I still encourage someone to put together a CD-R of live versions of that complete album. Enjoy the music and thank the Danes for this CD-R.
    Pat Thomas, Oct 31st 1999 (Halloween)

    The Tracks

    DISC I
    1.Blessing In Disguise
    2.Cheaper By The Pound
    3.Walk On
    4.Lester Young
    5.Trial Separation Blues
    7.Motorcycle Boy
    8.Think It Over
    9.Top Of The Hill
    10.The Preacher And The Prostitute
    11.Patent Leather Shoes
    1.Ivory Tower
    2.Long Black Train
    3.Treat You Right Someday
    5.Under The Weather
    6.Turn Down The Heat
    7.When You Make Up Your Mind
    8.One By One
    9.Falling From The Sky
    11.See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
    13.The Days Of Wine And Roses
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