Tape: Here's To You Max Morlock... Danny & Dusty Live In Nuremburg

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DateApr 19, 2007+
Danny & Dusty Live In Nuremberg is a 2CD/DVD souvenir of the band's complete April show at the K4 club in (where else?) Nuremberg.

The CD features the same fine band that played on Cast Iron Soul (Steve Wynn, Dan Stuart, Stephen McCarthy, Chris Cacavas, Bob Rupe and Johnny Hott).

The recording was assembled by the same audio and video wizards that put together Live Tick by Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3.

Max Morlock? Well, I bet some of you football fans already know but ol' Max was a star of the Nuremberg team back in the 50s.
2The Word Is Out[+]
3Song For The Dreamers[+]
4New York City Lullaby[+]
5Cast Iron Soul[+]
6Miracle Mile[+]
7The Good Old Days[+]
8Last Of The Only Ones[+]
9JD's Blues[+]
10Warren Oates[+]
11Raise The Roof[+]
12Let's Hide Away[+]
13Down To The Bone[+]
14The King Of The Losers[+]
15Baby, We All Gotta Go Down[+]
16It's My Nature[+]
17Hold Your Mud[+]
18Honey In My Tea[+]
19That's What Brought Me Here[+]


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