Tape: Steve Wynn Live at Knust

File UnderDanny & Dusty
DateApr 22, 2007+
TaperJens Jakob Sørensen
LMA stevewynn2007-04-22.flac16
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1The Word Is Out[+]
2Song For The Dreamers[+]
3New York City Lullaby[+]
4Cast Iron Soul[+]
5Miracle Mile[+]
6The Good Old Days[+]
7Last Of The Only Ones[+]
8JD's Blues[+]
9Warren Oates[+]
10Raise The Roof[+]
11Bend In The Road[+]
12Let's Hide Away[+]
13Down To The Bone[+]
14The King Of The Losers[+]
15Band intro
16Baby, We All Gotta Go Down[+]
17Send Me A Postcard[+]
18Hold Your Mud[+]
19That's What Brought Me Here[+]
20German banter (Edgar Heckmann, Blue Rose & Norbert, Promoter)
21Honey In My Tea[+]
23New York City Lullaby[+]
24Cast Iron Soul[+]
25Miracle Mile[+]
26Last Of The Only Ones[+]
27Warren Oates[+]
28Raise The Roof[+]
29Bend In The Road[+]
30band intro
31Baby, We All Gotta Go Down[+]
32Send Me A Postcard[+]
33Hold Your Mud[+]
34That's What Brought Me Here[+]
35Honey In My Tea[+]

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