As It Should Be[+]

I draw the blinds
             Bm       E
Shut out the lights
E            D                          A
Stand in the darkness till everything's right
Stand by the bar
         Bm     E
I pour a drink
E            D                     A
Stare in the corner and try not to think
A          D    D-A-D
I see your eyes
D                  D-A-D
Staring in silence
D                 D-A-D
I call you softly
D              E 
And beg you to stay

E            A
As it should be
A            Bm
As it should be
D                       E
You're still here with me
E            A
As it should be

The phone never rings
The night never ends
The path to my door won't be darkened again
I close my eyes
But I never sleep
I lie awake in fear 
Of dreams that may creep


© All rights for music and text on these pages belongs to Steve Wynn