Complete Steve Wynn Tape Trader list from 2022

2022-12-15Atlanta, GA, USA/Coca-Cola RoxyThe Baseball Project
2022-12-14Atlanta, GA, USA/40 Watt ClubThe Baseball Project
2022-11-18Richmond, VA, USA/Chilton HouseSteve Wynn (solo)
2022-11-12Grand Rapids, MI, USA/The Pyramid SchemeDream Syndicate
2022-11-11Chicago, IL, USA/Lincoln Hall
2022-10-22Utrecht, Holland/EkkoDream Syndicate
2022-10-20Leuven, Belgium/Het DepotDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2022-10-18London, U.K./LafayetteDream Syndicate
2022-10-16Milano, Italy/MagnoliaDream Syndicate
2022-10-15Bologna, Italy/Locomotiv ClubDream Syndicate
2022-10-14Torino, Italy/Spazio 211Dream Syndicate
2022-10-13La Penne-sur-Huveaune, France/CherrydonDream Syndicate
2022-10-12Bilbao, Spain/Sala BBKDream Syndicate
2022-10-11Madrid, Spain/El SolDream Syndicate
2022-10-10Cádiz, Spain/Edificio Constitución 1812Dream Syndicate
2022-10-08València, Spain/Loco ClubDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2022-09-18Somerville, MA, USA/The Crystal BallroomDream Syndicate
2022-09-17New York City, NY, USA/The Bowery BallroomDream Syndicate
2022-09-16Washington DC, USA/City WineryDream Syndicate
2022-09-15Philadelphia, PA, USA/City WineryDream Syndicate
2022-09-14Cleveland, OH, USA/The Grog ShopDream Syndicate
2022-09-08Concord, MA/House ConcertSteve Wynn (solo)
Live Music Archive2022-09-03Hightstown, NJ/Randy Now's Man CaveSteve Wynn (solo)
2022-09-02Frostburg, MD, USA/Clatter CafeSteve Wynn (solo)
Live Music Archive2022-07-30San Francisco, CA, USA/Cafe Du NordDream Syndicate
2022-07-28Los Angeles, CA. USA/The LodgeDream Syndicate
2022-07-27San Diego, CA, USA/Soda BarDream Syndicate
2022-06-18New York City, NY, USA/City WineryAlejandro Escovedo and the Rant Band
2022-04-21Bergen, Norway/Madam FelleSteve Wynn (solo)
2022-04-20Bodø, Norway/Dama DiSteve Wynn (solo)
2022-04-19Trondheim, Norway/Bar MoskusSteve Wynn (solo)
2022-04-15Athina, Greece/Gazarte Roof StageSteve Wynn (solo)
2022-03-18Austin, TX, USA/SXSW 2022, White HorseDream Syndicate
2022-03-18Austin, TX, USA/SXSW 2022, Lucy’s Fried ChickenDream Syndicate
2022-03-18Austin, TX, USA/SXSW 2022, St. David’s ChurchDream Syndicate
2022-03-17Austin, TX, USA/SXSW 2022, Yard DogSteve Wynn & Jason Victor
Live Music Archive2022-03-17Austin, TX, USA/SXSW 2022, The PershingDream Syndicate
2022-03-17Austin, TX, USA/SXSW 2022, Hotel VegasDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2022-02-01Nijmegen, Holland/DoornroosjeSteve Wynn (solo)
2022-01-29Masseik, Belgium/Cultuurcentrum AchterolmenSteve Wynn (solo)
2022-01-28Liège, Belgium/ReflektorSteve Wynn (solo)
2022-01-26Rijkevorsel, Belgium/De SingerSteve Wynn (solo)
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