Complete Steve Wynn Tape Trader list from 1999

Live Music Archive1999-11-16Birmingham, UK/Flapper & FirkinSteve Wynn (solo)
Live Music Archive1999-10-19Hamburg, Germany/KnustSteve Wynn Quartet
Live Music Archive1999-10-18Leverkusen, Germany/Leverkusen JazztageSteve Wynn Quartet
Live Music Archive1999-10-17Frankfurt, Germany/SinkkastenSteve Wynn Quartet
Live Music Archive1999-10-16Geislingen, Germany/RätscheSteve Wynn Quartet
Live Music Archive1999-10-14Weinheim, Germany/Cafe CentralSteve Wynn Quartet
Live Music Archive1999-10-10Heilbronn, Germany/Bürgerhaus BöckingenSteve Wynn Quartet
Live Music Archive1999-10-09Assen, Holland/De SmeltSteve Wynn Quartet
1999-09-05Den Bosch, Holland/Popwerk FestivalSteve Wynn Quartet
1999-09-01Tilburg, Holland/?Steve Wynn & Linda Pitmon
Live Music Archive1999-05-30Hilversum, Holland/2-Meter SessionsSteve Wynn Quintet
Live Music Archive1999-05-29Rotterdam, Holland/RotownSteve Wynn Quintet
Live Music Archive1999-05-27Tongeren, Belgium/VelinxSteve Wynn Quintet
Live Music Archive1999-05-26Frankfurt, Germany/SinkkastenSteve Wynn Quintet
Live Music Archive1999-05-25Köln, Germany/MTCSteve Wynn Quintet
Live Music Archive1999-05-24Hamburg, Germany/Marx ClubSteve Wynn Quintet
Live Music Archive1999-05-23Hameln, Germany/SumpfblumeSteve Wynn Quintet
Live Music Archive1999-05-22Dortmund, Germany/FZWSteve Wynn Quintet
Live Music Archive1999-04-29Heythuysen, Holland/TomTomSteve Wynn Quintet
Live Music Archive1999-04-22Aarhus, Denmark/MusikcafeenSteve Wynn Quartet
Live Music Archive1999-04-21Borås, Sweden/KashmirSteve Wynn Quintet
Live Music Archive1999-04-11Göteborg, Sweden/PusterviksbarenSteve Wynn Quintet
Live Music Archive1999-04-10Malmö, Sweden/KBSteve Wynn Quintet
Live Music Archive1999-04-09Odense, Denmark/RytmepostenSteve Wynn Quintet
Live Music Archive1999-02-26New York City, NY, USA/Mercury LoungeSteve Wynn Quintet
Live Music Archive1999-02-09Brussel, Belgium/Ancienne BelgiqueSteve Wynn (solo)
Live Music Archive1999-02-07Paris, France/Reservoir CLubSteve Wynn (solo)
Live Music Archive1999-01-31Kassel, Germany/A.R.M.Steve Wynn (solo)
Live Music Archive1999-01-21Torino, Italy/ZooBarSteve Wynn (solo)
Live Music Archive1999-01-19Madrid, Spain/Davai Flor BajaSteve Wynn & Australian Blonde
Live Music Archive1999-01-18Spain/Radio 3Steve Wynn
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