Complete Steve Wynn Tape Trader list from 2014

Live Music Archive2014-11-22Los Angeles, CA, USA/The EchoplexDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2014-11-16Brooklyn, NY, USA/Rough TradeDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2014-11-15Brooklyn, NY, USA/Rough TradeDream Syndicate
2014-10-11Madison, WI, USA/Kiki's House of Righteous MusicSteve Wynn (solo)
Live Music Archive2014-09-27Atlanta, GA, USA/The EarlDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2014-09-26Atlanta, GA, USA/The EarlDream Syndicate
2014-09-11Seattle, WA, USA/NeumosThe Baseball Project
2014-09-10Portland, OR, USA/Bing LoungeThe Baseball Project
Live Music Archive2014-09-08San Franciscisco, CA, USA/The ChapelThe Baseball Project
2014-09-06Santa Monica, CA, USA/McCabe's Guitar ShopThe Baseball Project
2014-09-04San Diego, CA, USA/Soda BarThe Baseball Project
2014-08-31Seattle, WA, USA/BumbershootDream Syndicate
2014-08-31Seattle, WA, USA/KEXPDream Syndicate
2014-08-29Portland, OR, USA/Doug FirDream Syndicate
2014-08-16Denver, CO, USA/Coors FieldThe Baseball Project
2014-08-15Denver, CO, USA/Oriental TheaterThe Baseball Project
2014-08-13Kansas City, MO, USA/Record BarThe Baseball Project
Live Music Archive2014-08-12Maquoketa, IA, USA/Codfish Hollow BarnThe Baseball Project
2014-08-11Minneapolis, MN, USA/The CurrentThe Baseball Project
2014-08-11Minneapolis, MN, USA/Cedar Cultural CenterThe Baseball Project
2014-08-07Chicago, ILL, USA/Abbey PubThe Baseball Project
2014-08-02Brooklyn, NY, USA/Rough TradeThe Baseball Project
Live Music Archive2014-07-30Allston, MA, USA/Great ScottThe Baseball Project
Live Music Archive2014-07-29Portsmouth, NH, USA/The PressroomThe Baseball Project
Live Music Archive2014-07-29Portsmouth, NH/The PressroomSteve Wynn
2014-07-28Philadelphia, PA, USA/World Cafe LiveThe Baseball Project
2014-07-27Portchester, NY, USA/Garcia's at the Capitol TheaterThe Baseball Project
2014-07-23Hudson, NY, USA/HelsinkiThe Baseball Project
Live Music Archive2014-07-22New London, CT, USA/Hygenic Art ParkThe Baseball Project
2014-07-18Rehoboth Beach, DE, USA/Dogfish Head BreweryThe Baseball Project
2014-07-17Washington, DC, USA/The HamiltonGutterball
2014-07-15Durham, NC, USA/MotorcoThe Baseball Project
2014-07-13Raleigh, NC, USA/Lincoln TheatreDrivin' n' Cryin'
2014-07-12Durham, NC, USA/Durham Bulls Athletic ParkThe Baseball Project
2014-06-07St. Louis, MO, USA/The WoodhouseDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2014-06-07St. Louis, MO, USA/Off BroadwayDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2014-05-29New York City, NY, USA/The Bowery ElectricSteve Wynn & the Miracle 3
Live Music Archive2014-05-10Zaragoza, Spain/Club ExplosivoDream Syndicate
2014-05-08Santiago, Spain/CapitolDream Syndicate
2014-05-07Madrid, Spain/Moby DickDream Syndicate
2014-05-05Milano, Italy/Live Club Trezzo Sul'addaDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2014-05-04Roncade, Italy/New Age Underground ClubDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive2014-05-03København, Denmark/LoppenDream Syndicate
2014-05-02Stockholm, Sweden/NalenDream Syndicate
2014-05-01Lessines, Belgium/Roots and Roses FestivalDream Syndicate
2014-03-16Austin, TX, USA/The Continental ClubSteve Wynn & the Miracle 3
2014-03-15Austin, TX, USA/The Ginger ManThe Baseball Project
2014-03-14Austin, TX, USA/The Ginger ManSteve Wynn & the Miracle 3
2014-03-14Austin, TX, USA/The Paramount TheaterVarious
2014-03-00Austin, TX, USA/SXSWThe Baseball Project
2014-02-08Toronto, ON, Canada/Garrison'sDream Syndicate
2014-01-25Todos Santos, Mexico/Todos Santos Music FestivalDrivin’ N Cryin’
2014-01-25Todos Santos, Mexico/Todos Santos Music FestivalDream Syndicate
2014-01-25Todos Santos, Mexico/Todos Santos Music FestivalThe Baseball Project
2014-01-24Todos Santos, Mexico/Todos Santos Music Festival, Hotel CaliforniaTwin Tones
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