Complete Steve Wynn Tape Trader list from 1985

Live Music Archive1985-10-14Berkeley, CA, USA/SquareDream Syndicate
1985-10-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
1985-09-27Los Angeles, CA, USA/DemosDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1985-09-06Hollywood, CA, USA/The LhasaSteve Wynn (solo)
Live Music Archive1985-08-21Hollywood, CA, USA/Cathay De GrandeDream Syndicate
1985-08-09Los Angeles, CA, USA/DemosDream Syndicate
1985-08-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1985-07-18Ann Arbor, MI, USA/RicksDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1985-07-17Cleveland, OH, USA/Peabodys Down UnderDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1985-07-16Rochester, NY, USA/ScorgiesDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1985-07-13Hoboken, NJ, USA/Maxwell'sDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1985-07-12New Haven, CT, USA/The GrottoDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1985-07-09Providence, RI, USA/Unknown venueDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1985-07-00New York City, NY, USA/Irving PlazaDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1985-07-00Boston, MA, USA/ChannelDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1985-06-14Los Angeles, CA, USA/Club LingerieDanny & Dusty
Live Music Archive1985-05-23Los Angeles, CA, USA/Ackerman HallSteve Wynn (solo)
Live Music Archive1985-05-22Los Angeles, CA, USA/Ackerman HallDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1985-05-20San Francisco, CA, USA/I BeamDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1985-05-18Los Angeles, CA, USA/Al's BarDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1985-04-27Hollywood, CA, USA/The LhasaSteve Wynn
1985-04-12Hamburg, Germany/Onkel PöGreen On Red
1985-04-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDream Syndicate
1985-04-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/DemosDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1985-03-23Hollywood, CA, USA/The LhasaSteve Wynn (solo)
1985-03-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/AuditionDream Syndicate
Live Music Archive1985-02-09Hollywood, CA, USA/ON KlubDanny & Dusty
1985-00-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/RoughsDream Syndicate
1985-00-00Los Angeles, CA, USA/RehearsalsDanny & Dusty
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