Waiting Like Mary[+]

tabbed by Thomas Mejer Hansen

  A              D
E --------------------------
A 0---0---2-0-2->5----------
B --------------------------
G --------------------------
E --------------------------

A                             D
Two \'nights\' of pills started kickin in
    A                   D
She decided to go for a drive
    A                           D
The sun was shining through the afternoon haze
        G                D
And she felt more alive

A                       D
She had pictures of her children
    A                           D
And she remembered all of their names
A                     D
 She knew it was much better for them now
       G                     D
but it hearts just the same

              A        D           G           D
 And there is just two reasons for everything
     A               D            G            D
 And people who just talk without listening
     A          D           G     D
 And people who spent their whole lives
 Em      D
 like Mary

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